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latinum soil, a bottom floor material for aquariums, creates clear, sparkling water with 100% natural materials. It has a natural water quality adjustment function that is friendly to aquatic plants and fish, and maintains highly transparent water for a long time! In addition, it accelerates water rise and cultivate beneficial bacteria.
This product is a slightly acidic using 100% domestic natural black clay.
Ideal for aquatic plants, bee shrimp, etc., maintaining a soft water environment. Absorbs pigments of driftwood and phosphoric acid that causes moss with the power of natural soil.

Platinum Soil Powder


● Natural water quality adjustment function friendly to aquatic plants and fish!
● Reduce pH / kH to create a weakly acidic soft water environment!
● Strongly absorbs pigments from driftwood!
● Maintain highly transparent water for a long time!
● Faster the rise of water and multiply filtered bacteria!

Grain size (approx.)


how to use

● Lay it in a water tank without washing the soil, and pour water gently. Pour slowly so as not to dig up the soil.
● Water becomes cloudy when set. By operating the filtration device, it takes about 1-2 hours.
● The surface may be covered with water, but there is no problem with water quality. You can easily remove it by scooping it on the net or aerating it.

Estimated usage

45cm water tank (about 35L): 6-8L
60cm water tank (about 57L):8-11L
90cm water tank (about 157L): 24-32L

please note

* Since this product has the effect of lowering pH and KH, avoid using it together with filter media or water quality regulators that hinder this effect.
* There is a small air hole in the package of this product. In the case of super powder, fine particles may come out of the hole. Please note.
* Please make sure to take time to adjust the water with the living body.
* Please note that we do not compensate for any diseases or deaths of living organisms or withering of aquatic plants.
* Be careful not to play children with this bag. There is a danger of suffocation.


■ Important ■
Immediately after setting the soil floor, the water quality may be unstable or nitrite may be detected. After setting, be sure to operate the filter and confirm that the filtration is working properly before introducing the living body. In addition, durable aquatic plants such as hygrophylla are effective to speed up the stability of water quality.
At the beginning of the set, bubbles may be difficult to disappear, but are harmless to the living body.
As it disappears in a few days, there is no problem in using it.